Beta Online Version of the Handbook of Musical Terminology Available through ViFa Musik

The ViFa Musik blog announced the online availability of the Handbook of Musical Terminology (HMT) in August 2012. According to an announcement on the ViFa Musik homepage, as of 4 April 2013, the beta version of HMT is available to search in full text on their website ( While an online version of the handbook itself is not currently directly accessible, users can enter terms in the search box of the ViFa Musik homepage and find links to HMT entries in the search results under the heading “Hit pocket Dictionary of Musical Terminology.” The actual entries are accessible via the “Read online” link located to the right of the entry description. Once the user has accessed the HMT entry, searched keywords are highlighted within the text. It is also possible at that level to search within the HMT directly. In this beta version there does not appear to be a way to access the HMT directly outside of ViFa Musik. For quick citation, each online HMT page has been assigned a permalink (located above the search box). In addition, links to the sources cited within the given HMT entry are listed in the left column of the HMT page.

– Charlotte Heiner