Gervink and Bückle’s Lexikon der Filmmusik

Bückle, Matthias, and Gervink, Manuel. Lexikon der Filmmusik. Laaber: Laaber-Verlag, 2012.

Gervink and Bückle’s Lexikon der Filmmusik is a dictionary of the composers, theory, practice, genres, and history of film music compiled for inquisitive film music fans. Entries are organized alphabetically, providing easy access to information on diverse subjects related to film music. Composer entries include dates of birth and death, a brief biographical sketch, and the film scores they composed. Entries for theoretical and other terms describe the history, use, and significance of each term. A list of sources and the article’s author are listed after each entry. The Appendix includes a list of online magazines, film music streaming websites, and film composers’ websites and forums for further study.

–Charlotte Heiner