Giuseppe Verdi: A Research and Information Guide

verdiThis annotated bibliography from Routledge’s extensive series leads scholars and performers researching the history and music of Giuseppe Verdi to printed materials by indexing and describing the most important studies on the subject. Prepared by Gregory W. Harwood, it includes the author’s selection of research about Verdi that had been printed in English, Italian, French, or German by 2010. Harwood excludes materials written for a popular audience, materials in program booklets, articles from nineteenth-century periodicals, textbooks, general histories of music and opera, theatre chronicles, master’s theses, unpublished European dissertations, reviews, musical scores, and librettos.

The bibliography is organized topically, then alphabetically by author last name. Entries contain standard bibliographic information, including ISBN where available, with annotations. The main body of entries is followed by a catalog of Verdi’s compositions (with title, description, librettist, and premier information) and a “Biographical Dictionary of People Associated with Verdi.” There are five indexes: Authors, Editors, and Translators, Subjects, Verdi’s Music (General), Verdi’s Music (Specific Compositions), and General Index.

Abraham Myler, research assistant