Mahler Discography

Fans of Gustav Mahler may find a great deal of value in a volume such as Péter Fülöp’s extensive Mahler Discography.  Through this volume, readers may experience Mahler’s works in a way that is novel and relevant.

Fülöp describes the discography as including “all known Mahler recordings ever issued for sale or given out as complimentary or promotional copies” in disc format.  While there is an emphasis on American recordings, the discography does have an international scope.

One of the primary unique aspects of Mahler Discography is its means of presenting information with multiple approaches.  Each of Mahler’s major works has its own section within the discography.  Recordings are listed by work title, artist, label, and timings.  Fülöp’s method of organizing each individual recording involved creating unique accession numbers for every entry.  Once the reader understands the accession number (which is explained in detail in the preface), it becomes fairly easy to locate entries and derive information from them.  Several details about each recording are provided, including conductor name, major performers’ names, recording date, and matrix number are included for most entries.

Hannah Johnson, research assistant