New Items in Reference Collection

Since July 2008, we have added over two hundred new reference items (both print and online) to the Online Bibliography from sources such as the Brigham Young and Cornell University library catalogs. Additions coming from the BYU catalogue have been primarily music collection catalogs and record label discographies. Here are two recently-added items worth mentioning:

Cover of Anne-Madeleine Goulet's Paroles de Musique (1658-1694)
Cover of Paroles de Musique

Goulet, Anne-Madeleine. Paroles de Musique (1658-1694): Catalogue des «Livres d’airs de différents autuers» publiès chez Ballard. Wavre: Mardaga, 2007.

This 1,088-page volume is a French thematic catalogue of airs published by the music publisher Ballard between 1658 and 1694. The work is prefaced by a thorough, 60-page introduction to the Ballard publishing house, its collection of airs, its editorial choices, as well as an intriguing table of collaboration between various poets and composers. Extensive research has ensured accurate information for each air regarding poets and composers (who were often anonymous), as well as creative context, history, interpretation, textual variations between printings, and source materials. Entries are listed in sequential order according to the air’s LADDA (Livres d’airs de différent autuers) siglum, but they are also indexed at the end according to title, author, poet, etc. Entries also include musical incipits from the original woodblock prints.

Cover of Radamés Giro's Diccionario enciclopédico de la música en Cuba
Cover of Diccionario enciclopédico

Giro, Radamés. Diccionario enciclopédico de la música en Cuba. La Habana: Letras Cubanas, 2007.

This is an attractive, four volume Spanish dictionary/encyclopedia on the subject of Cuban music, primarily with respect to composers, performers, musicologists, teachers, and ensemble groups from the nineteenth-century to the present. Entries are biographical in nature, including career synopses, lists of important compositions, and bibliographical information. Entries regarding ensemble groups often list the names of members by section. Pages are frequently punctuated by black-and-white photographs and title page reproductions.

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  1. I just listened to the recovered piano rolls recorded by Mahler himself. Strange to listen to the tempi, the fortes knowing that it was the master himself who gave his impression of his music.

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